Welcome to our web-site. 

We are a group of like minded stitchers of all levels living in and around Bournemouth, Dorset; who are interested in all types of textile work; hand stitching, machine stitching and beyond.

We normaly meet at:- West Parley Memorial Hall on the 4th Friday of each Month (not necessarily the last Friday!!). Between 09.00am and 2 pm. Christchurch Rd, West Parley, Bournemouth, BH22 8SQ. 

Please arrive by 9.00, for a prompt start at 9.30am;

This will allow time for you to help set up the room, prepare your own materials and have an initial coffee/tea.

We are always very pleased to showcase the high standards and talents of members. If you would like to take a workshop, for our branch, please speak to one of the committee members.


Programme of events 2022

*27th May:- Jan Tillet- Machining in space.

*24th June:- Lynne Duddridge- Creating a surface.             *22nd July:- Jenny Bundock. Creating a design.

*23rd September:- To be arranged                                         *28th October:- AGM.

                                                            *25th November:- Christmas cards and lunch.

                     May 2022 by Cheril

2022-Tea Coffee Rota

Date.                         Teas and Coffees providers.                   Teacher's lunch provider.       


24th June:-                  Linda C & Lesley S.

22nd July:-                  Hazel & Gill                                                 Rita                                                         

23rd September:-       Georgina & Lesley D. 

28th October:-            AGM 

25th November:-                                                                        Bring & Share                                    



Needs list for WCE Bournemouth  



24th June:- Lynne Duddridge- Creating a surface.

Requirment list.

1) 1 Piece of background fabric (calico or felt)

2) Lots (about 10) of odd pieces of fabric in shades of one colour, plus same or similar colours.

3) Embroidery thread, in colours that match or tone in with the above colours.

4) Hand sewing kit.


22nd July:- Jenny Bundock, Creating a design.

Requirements List

1) Picture of an interior from a glossy Magazine. (Choose one that has both busy and plain areas)

2) Piece of calico, minimum 12”x 12” (32 x 32 cm)

3) A piece of cotton backing fabric of the same size.

4) Prepared 8” (20cm) Embroidery Hoop, (the inner ring bound with tape).

5) 2 x A4 Copy paper, 1 x A4 Tracing paper.

6) Masking tape, glue stick, Paper scissors, ruler, soft pencil, embroidery pen.

7) Mixture of threads to reflect the colours of your chosen picture.

8) Bag of small fabric scraps.

9) Usual sewing kit.